4 Hot Wellness Gifts

The countdown to gifting season is on! And with it, you may be feeling a bit of present-picking angst. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of winners for the upcoming holiday season. Here, four thoughtful, wellness-minded gifts for friends and family.
1. Monthly Wellness in a Box: Monthly wellness subscriptions are all the rage, offering everything from vitamin and supplement packs to healthy snacks, as well as all-natural beauty and personal care products.
2. IRL Fitness Classes: With so many online fitness classes and workout apps, you may wonder why anyone would want IRL (In Real Life) fitness classes as a gift. Experts predict a rise in the popularity of face-to-face classes, as the smartphone-addicts among us recognize the mental health-boosting benefits of connecting with others in person. Buy someone a 5-pack and you’ll be helping both their body and brain!
3. Better Sleep: Plenty of fitness trackers already monitor sleep, but newer versions promise to not only track motion and sound (for breathing) and sleep durations, but also to record and give feedback on sleep environment, including lighting, temperature, and noise.
4. Fitness Apparel: If that sounds blah, you haven’t been shopping lately! With the rise of luxury activewear brands, hitting the gym (or just looking like you plan to) has never been more stylish. And who can resist a gift that both motivates and flatters?

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