A Gadget Can Help You Sleep

A major trend at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show: sleep. While use of electronics in the hours before bed has been shown to negatively impact the ability to fall asleep and the amount of hours of sleep obtained, that hasn’t stopped companies from inventing a plethora of electronic products promising better sleep. While there’s no scientific evidence pointing to the specific winners and losers, there is research that backs up some of the thinking behind the concepts. Here, three worth noting:
  1. Biofeedback: Sleep Sheperd, a hat that resembles a winter running cap, may not seem like a comfortable concept for bed, but this device promises to calm the brain and optimize rest using a biofeedback system that guides you to sleep. Biofeedback is believed effective in the treatment of insomnia.
  2. Temperature control: A heater/air conditioner for your bed, Nuyu’s Sleep System tracks your temperature, warming the mattress at bedtime and cooling it down while you sleep. Temperature is one of the most important factors that can affect sleep.
  3. Air quality: Poor indoor air quality can cause disrupted sleep. While not new on the scene, using a HEPA filter to remove problematic particles allows for less airway obstruction, improved breathing and, therefore, better quality sleep.

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