A Pre-Bedtime Routine Can Fight Evening Anxiety

Picture this: Work is done for the day, you’re in your pajamas ready to relax in bed, you shut your eyes, and...anxiety hits! Sound familiar? After a busy day getting things done, suddenly your brain has the time to process emotions and start worrying. The more anxious you get, the harder it is for you to fall asleep; the harder it is for you to fall asleep, the more anxious you get! Relax your mind and body with these recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation:

Write it down. List your concerns and to- do’s before bed so that your brain can relax.

Create a healthy bedtime routine. Wind down with some quiet music, a warm bath, or a book.

Do a relaxation exercise. While lying in bed, do a tense-and-release exercise starting from your toes and working slowly up your body, squeezing each part of your body for several seconds and then relaxing.

Don’t stare at the ceiling. If you can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes of trying, get up and do something to calm you down (no screens allowed!).