Are You a Responsible Traveler?

Simply put, travel is not an environmentally friendly activity. Think of jet fuel, gas for cars, waste from and fuel for cruise ships. It’s good news, then, that travel companies are looking to reduce their environmental footprint. The “sustainable travel” movement isn’t solely focused on the environment, though; it also includes supporting local economies and respecting the local culture and traditions. Here are a handful of ways that you can be a more “sustainably-responsible” traveler:

Choose a vacation destination that isn’t experiencing overtourism (when an area experiences so many tourists that it negatively impacts the local environment and quality of life, and diminishes the travel experience);

  • Opt for eco-friendly lodging, and conserve energy by re-using towels, and turning off the lights and A/C when you’re not in the room;
  • Buy locally made crafts and dine at restaurants that are locally owned and sourced;
  • Stay on marked nature trails to avoid damaging plants or wildlife;
  • Participate in a local park or beach cleanup.