Are You Ready for Rewilding?

The term rewilding was coined in the early 1990s to define a program that aimed to create wilderness areas free of human involvement, where the land could return
to its natural state to rebalance ecosystems previously under threat. The definition has changed over the years, and has grown to include “human rewilding,” which encourages us to reconnect with nature and our natural state in an effort to repair and restore ourselves. For some, rewilding involves embracing the idea of human de-domestication and learning basic life skills such as growing food, bushcraft and foraging. For others, rewilding means taking a break from our busy, modern lives by avoiding digital distractions, making meaningful connections, and living in conjunction with our circadian rhythms. There’s some research behind the idea. For example, spending time in nature reduces stress, boosts mood, and may even aid the immune system. And, as mentioned earlier, getting natural light exposure can help reset your internal circadian clock. To give rewilding a try, get out in nature more often, unplug from electronics when you can, eat more plant- based, whole foods—and celebrate your wild side!