Driving Clean: The Future of Electric Cars

Imagine hitting the road and seeing more electric cars than gas guzzlers. In the U.S., that’s predicted to be the case by the year 2050, with electric vehicles projected to make up 65% of new sales. In other countries, this may happen much sooner. Britain and France are both aiming to end the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040. India is shooting for 2030, and Norway, a bold 2025. Plenty of other countries, including Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have expressed similar ambitions. Car companies are on board, with some vowing to produce only battery-powered or hybrid cars in the near future. Right now there are obstacles to purchasing an electric car, including cost, possible travel distance, and lack of charging stations, but fortunately that’s quickly changing. That’s great news for the environment, considering that the electricity for electric cars can be generated with zero emissions — reducing impacts on the environment. Drivers, are you ready?

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