Flight-Friendly Foods

Besides not wanting to consume bland airline food, there are other reasons for planning meals and snacks ahead of time when you travel by air. Even though cabins are pressurized, as the plane gains altitude, gas in your abdomen expands. To prevent discomfort, stay away from gas-producing foods before and during your flight.

Say no to:
• Dried fruit
• Beans and legumes
• Foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners
• Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower
• Carbonated drinks•Dairy products
• Whole grains and bran

Say yes to:
• Tuna in a pouch
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Berries
• Avocado
• Gluten-free bread and crackers.

Many carbohydrate-rich foods can also cause gas. Fats and proteins however, cause little gas. Since flying can cause dehydration, trade salty foods and alcohol for water.