Food Waste Hurts the Environment?

April 22nd is Earth Day. This year the focus is on ending plastic pollution. Besides limiting your use of plastics, there’s plenty more you can do to help fight climate change:
Be more energy efficient: Unless you’re using renewable energies, your household is creating carbon emissions. Install energy efficient light bulbs – they use far less energy and last much longer. Improve your home’s insulation to allow air conditioning and heating systems to work better and use less energy.
Reduce food waste: The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that thrown-away food makes up more than 20 percent of municipal solid waste. In landfills, that food waste rots and produces methane gas, a key factor in climate change. If you can compost or find a place in your area to donate extra food, you can contribute in protecting the Earth.
Plan your travel: Instead of going on multiple car errands each day, plan your route to reduce driving time. And since there are too many people commuting solo to work, commute by carpooling or using public transportations.

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