Get Fit – Together!

Looking for a new fitness class to try? If you’re more motivated by group camaraderie than by going solo, you may enjoy some of these options:

Group treadmill classes: For runners of all levels who are either training for a race or just want a guided workout, there’s plenty to choose from. Classes mix treadmill time with intervals on the floor using resistance bands, Bosu balls and weights.

Fitness boxing classes: Blame it on model and boxing enthusiast Gigi Hadid — boxing has hit the fitness big-time. Whether the class you find includes jumping rope, traditional right hooks and uppercuts or kickboxing, according to devoted followers, you’ll leave with a more toned physique plus mental and emotional benefits to boot.

Cardio barre classes: It was only a matter of time before ballet-inspired barre classes got a cardio boost. Newer classes offer high-intensity moves mixed in with traditional barre work.

Group rowing: High intensity meets low impact at group classes that rowing fans say are uncomplicated to follow.

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