Go Ahead, Take a Nap – You Snooze, You Don’t Lose

For years, naps have been known as a no-no, said to inhibit quality sleep at night. Recent research says otherwise, demonstrating that naps may help workers focus better in the afternoons, make exhausting shifts more tolerable for airline pilots and their flight crew, and even decrease pain sensitivity. Even the National Sleep Foundation thinks napping may be a good thing — offering improved mood, alertness, and performance, and reduced accidents. Enter napping studios! Opening in major cities, these wellness studios with relaxation areas and napping stations are designed to offer people a place to grab a restorative midday power nap. If you decide to grab some afternoon shut-eye, don’t snooze too long: Research suggests that the best naps end before you enter deep sleep, which means that anything less than 30 minutes is okay.