Healthier workspaces can help you perform better

A healthy workspace means more than just following the rules of office ergonomics – correct chair height (knees level with hips), proper equipment spacing (monitor an arm’s length away at eye level), and keyboard support (wrists straight). The rest of your surroundings matter, too. Here, three ways to make your work space a healthy, feel-good environment:

Add nature: Exposure to nature during the workday, can help people feel less stressed and generally healthier. Create a natural work environment by introducing plants, hanging nature images, and taking breaks outdoors.

Breathe better: Research shows that improving ventilation in the workplace improves cognitive function, including the ability to cope with challenges, strategize and stay focused.

Use the right light: Circadian-timed lighting ( simulating the natural variations of the sunlight throughout the day) promotes healthy energy levels and feelings of well-being.

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