Healthy Trends in Pet Care

Healthy living isn’t just important for humans; it’s important for pets, too. So says the growing number of pet owners, lead by millennial and Generation Z consumers, who are looking to care for their pets in much the same way they care for themselves. Today’s pet owners are willing to spend more to improve the health and well-being of their pets, with a particular focus on all things natural. To help keep pets at a healthy weight, limit treats or try a slow feeder bowl, and make sure they’re supplied with the essential nutrients they need by looking for foods labeled “complete and balanced.” And as with humans, providing as non-toxic an environment as possible for your pets can help prevent potentially harmful exposures that may lead to health problems. That means carefully following product usage instructions and keeping cleaning products out of pets’ reach. When it comes to flea and tick products, try strategies like regular grooming and cleaning first, and make sure any pesticides are EPA-registered.