How to Truly Relax On Your Summer Vacation

If you have a vacation planned in the near future, then you may already be experiencing “pre-trip happiness,” most likely because you are anticipating your holiday. Here are three ways to sustain that good feeling and make the most of your getaway:

Unplug. Research shows that 42 percent of employees feel obligated to check in with work while on vacation. However, studies have shown that psychological detachment from work during off-job time is essential to recharge the batteries. Unplugging from work while on vacation is important for your well-being and health. Not surprisingly, in a study, people whose access to email was limited had lower stress levels. Make a conscious choice to leave work behind while you’re away: “Forget” your laptop; put your phone on airplane mode; travel somewhere with limited wireless service!

Decompress and recharge. If you’re like most people, you experience stress on a regular basis – from job pressure, financial worries, health concerns, relationships, to name a few common causes. Fortunately, vacations have the potential to alleviate stress, at least for a little while. Again, detachment from work is key. So are “relaxation activities,” such as meditation and yoga. Mastering a new skill while on vacation is another good way to recharge.

Sleep. Vacations can help interrupt habits that get in the way of a good night’s sleep, such as worrying, working late, or having too much screen time (phone, computer, e-reader, etc.) before bed. If you need to reset your sleep habits, vacation is a good time to make lifestyle changes that encourage better shut-eye, such as finding a calming activity to do before bed; leaving the computer and TV off in the evening; and making sure your sleep area is quiet, dark (those hotel blackout shades work wonders); and cool.

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