Is Your Bed Making You Sick?

A healthy home means taking a good look at your bed. Unfortunately, that cozy spot you relax in each night can contain contaminants, such as bacteria, fungi and allergens. Here, three ways to make your bed a safe haven:

TIP #1: Reduce dust mites: Droppings from these microscopic, insect-like pests are highly allergenic. Cover mattresses and pillows with impermeable fabric, and wash bedding in hot water once a week. Wash pillows regularly in hot water, too, and replace them at least every two years.

TIP #2: Control mold and fungi: In addition to cleaning your bedding regularly, if you want a little extra protection from airborne mold and fungi, place an air purifier with a HEPA filter next to your bed.

TIP #3: Pet dander and saliva: It’s possible to be allergic to a cat or dog’s saliva, dander or urine. These allergens tend to collect on furniture, clothing, even walls. Vacuuming your mattress and pillows is one solution— so is not allowing your pet on your bed or in the bedroom.

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