Living the Natural Life: 3 ways to live healthier and be good to the planet

Spending time in nature has wide-ranging health benefits. Enjoying spaces, such as forests, parks, oceans, and rivers can help reduce stress and improve mental health. If connecting with nature can have such a positive impact on our health, you might wonder if other forms of “natural living” are also beneficial. The short answer is yes. Living a more natural life means different things to different people, but most agree that it involves taking a more natural approach to the foods you put in your body, the products you use, and how you treat the planet. Here are some basic principles:

Bring fresh air inside: You may be surprised to learn that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air pollution can come from sources such as cleaning supplies, cooking fumes, building materials, and furnishings, among other sources. Opening the windows once in a while can help refresh the air in your space. Using an air purification system may also effectively reduce harmful particles in the air. To help reduce outdoor air pollution, do your best to drive less, choose fuel efficient vehicles, and don’t idle.

Go non-toxic: Choose products made with natural materials, such as organic bedding; personal care and beauty products made without chemicals; cleaning products made with eco-friendly ingredients; and furniture, mattresses, and floor coverings produced without toxic flame retardants. By choosing natural products, you’re avoiding industrial chemicals that may be in non-natural products, including
carcinogens, pesticides, and hormone disruptors.

Be environmentally conscious: The idea is to lower your impact on the planet by making eco-friendly choices. Switch to reusable products instead of disposable, conserve water, manage home energy, compost food scraps, create less waste, recycle, and eat seasonally and locally to avoid long-distance
transportation of produce.