R&R or Exercise: You Don’t Have to Decide

Even with the wellness tourism boom, plenty of people just want to fill their time away with R&R. In fact, almost 75 percent of Americans rank rest and relaxation very high on their list of vacation objectives. And yet more than half of Americans also believe it’s important to exercise while traveling. How to have the best of both worlds? Use your time away to engage in new activities.

Here’s how to fit in exercise (while still enjoying yourself!):
• Walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible. It’s amazing how much you can discover without even noticing the effort. Many travel books and websites list popular walking routes. And bike-sharing systems are a great way to explore most major cities.
• Visit a park and use what’s there to create a workout. Use a bench to do triceps dips, push-ups, or step-ups,and use stairs for stair climbing.
• Water sports are a great way to soak-up some sun, enjoy the water, and burn some calories. Take a surfing lesson, rent a kayak or paddle board, or swim laps. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
• Try restorative yoga. Holding poses longer and using props to allow your muscles to fully relax leaves you feeling rested physically and mentally.