Revamp Your Cleaning Routine

Woman cleaning kitchen cabinet with pink tower and pink spray bottle.

While you’re thinking about the causes of chemicals in your home and doing what you can to reduce your exposure, why not give your cleaning supplies an overhaul, too? Many common household products—including aerosol sprays, antibacterial soaps, and furniture and floor polish—can release harmful chemicals into the indoor environment. Here are some guidelines to help for a clean and healthy home:
• Clean with simple kitchen staples like vinegar and baking soda—they work!
• Avoid using cleaning products with ammonia or chlorine bleach , and never mix them together.
• Ventilate and provide plenty of fresh air when using the products, such as by opening windows – or better yet, clean outside if possible.
• Buy only what you need, since unused products could still leak chemicals into the air.
• Instead of furniture polish, clean with a mixture of lemon juice and mineral or vegetable oil.
• Look for products that are certified to meet various health and sustainability criteria, such as Green Seal, GreenGuard Gold, or ExoLogo – making these products better options when it comes to choosing cleaning supplies with lower chemical emissions.