Stay Cool This Summer

Did you know that 2015 was the hottest year on record? And we’re talking about record-keeping that dates back to the 1880s! More than 90 percent of American cities and other locations around the globe had a warmer-than-average year. As we head into this summer, which scientists suspect might be another record-breaker, you may already be dreading the scorching days to come. Beyond using your air conditioner, what else can you do to survive the heat? Here, six ways to stay cool this summer:

TIP #1: Stay hydrated with plenty of water as well as fruits and vegetables with high water content. When you’re dehydrated, your body doesn’t have enough water to produce sweat, and the job of sweat is to cool you down.

TIP #2: Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored cotton and linen clothing.

TIP #3: Chill your wrists, back of neck, forehead, and temples by cooling them with an ice cube or a cold compress.

TIP #4: Eat lighter meals during the day, saving heavier ones for the evening when it’s cooler.

TIP #5: Choose the right mattress: Some memory foam mattresses, such as those made with petrochemicals, create hot zones, but natural memory foam “sleeps cool,” which means a cooler, more comfortable night’s rest.

TIP #6: Consider using an interior fan along with your air conditioner to spread the cooled air throughout your home.

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