Sweet Potatoes Vs. White Potatoes: Which is Healthier?

With scrumptious holiday meals right around the corner, those dreams of sugarplums may be matched by dreams of scalloped potatoes and sweet potato casserole. And so you may be wondering, which is healthier? Looking only at the main ingredients, you’re apt to be confused: The white potatoes versus sweet potatoes debate is a common one. What’s interesting is that both are nutritionally sound choices, provided you don’t throw in ingredients like cheese, sour cream, and butter. Sweet potatoes win over white when it comes to fiber, which you need to
ward off a host of diseases, vitamin A, which is great for eye and skin health, and vitamin C, which keeps your immune system strong. But white potatoes are higher in essential minerals—great news for your blood pressure and the health of your bones. The scales may tip in favor of sweet potatoes if you’re looking at calories and total carbs. All said, you can’t go wrong with either, as long as you leave off the fat-filled toppings, skip frying, and enjoy the fiber-rich skin.

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