The Future of Your (Smart) Home: Your home is going to get a lot smarter

There’s a lot you can do with a smartphone and reliable Wi-Fi. And we’re not talking about streaming TV shows or playing games. These days, your smartphone can help you run your home. Nowadays smart devices in your home can allow you to set the indoor temperature or turn your lights on and off, right from your phone. You can also invest in smart devices that allows you to remotely lock and unlock the door and control your alarm system. Don’t want to bother with lawn maintenance? You might want to install a smart irrigation system, so that your lawn and garden get efficiently watered. There’s so much more in store! Right now, controlling home technology is mostly based on user input but in the not-too-distant future, thanks to artificial intelligence, smart systems will learn your preferences and operate without you. For example, your preferred lighting and temperature will be ready upon your arrival, and both may adapt to sync with your circadian rhythms for better sleep. Tracking — and fixing — air quality is up next, according to experts. Your refrigerator may even be intelligent enough to know when food is about to go bad and order your groceries! Your oven, meanwhile, will probably have cameras and digital thermometers, which means you can relax in the living room and monitor your cooking from afar. In the bedroom, thanks to the evolution of smart mattresses, quality sleep will be monitored every which way, allowing you, for example, to wake up gently to your favorite scent. Sounds smart!

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