The Move to Minimum-Impact Packaging

Look around your home or office and notice the materials used to package everything from food deliveries to new furniture. While you will no doubt see plenty of non-recyclable paper and plastic destined for landfills, you may also notice recycled and biodegradable packaging. With a push from consumers, companies are creating healthier and greener alternatives – dropping harmful chemicals, using recycled materials, and using less energy for production. For example, think of that thin film of non-recyclable plastic on cheeses and meats. It may soon be replaced with an edible, biodegradable packaging film made of casein (a milk protein). Some designers are going a step – or many steps – further, with smart packaging design that uses the packaging as part of the product! Television packaging becomes the TV stand. The outer shell of a light fixture becomes the shade. Candle packaging turns into holders. What will they think of next?

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