The New Drugstore: What Can Your Pharmacy Do for You?

In the United States, chain drugstores have become convenient destinations for crossing a multitude of items off your shopping list—everything from pain relievers and toothpaste to milk, snacks, greeting cards, nail polish, school supplies, as well as strep tests and flu shots. Get ready for more—much more. For starters, the big pharmacy chains (and internet giants, too) now offer prescription delivery services, which can save you time and ensure that people with reduced mobility still get the medication they need. More potential services in the pharmacy pipeline include ordering lab tests, referring patients to specialists, and adjusting medications. Don’t be surprised when your pharmacy advertises its mobile app, allowing you to get answers regarding easy-to-diagnose issues, such as colds, flu, and general wellness matters. Next up, get ready for condition-focused care at home via voice- activated technology. What can your pharmacy do for you? A lot!