What Can Your Home Do for You?

These days, there’s so much going on in the world of home automation, it’s difficult to keep up. You’ve probably heard about programmable thermostats that learn your habits and adjusts itself according to your schedule, setting itself to an eco-friendly temperature when you’re away. Where home automation meets wellness, there’s a lot of innovation happening. Here are some exciting possibilities for a smarter, healthier home:

Germ Fighters: You’ve seen touchless faucets and toilets in public restrooms. They’re available for the home too, as are voice-activated trash cans and germ-killing UV light balls that allow for sanitization without the need for cleansers filled with chemicals.

Better Beds: If you haven’t heard of “smart beds” yet, it’s time to wake up and… no, it’s time to head to bed with a smile! The technology involved allows you to adjust the softness or firmness for each side of the bed, and monitors heart rate, breathing, motion, and more. Smart beds can even make adjustments throughout the night to help keep you comfortably snoozing. Another way to incorporate a better bed into your sleep environment is to get a natural latex memory foam that sleeps cool, provides deep pressure relief and cradles your curves for proper support.

Mood Lighting: We’re not talking about a romantic glow; we’re talking about automated lighting, including bulbs that can be operated by remote and programmed to match a particular time of day or activity, like sleeping. Other modern lighting technology can change from simulating sunshine with a cool white setting in the morning—promising to make you more alert and active—to a warm white setting for evening that promises to help promote sleep.

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