You Might NOT Want to Sit Down for This

Cars, couches, and office chairs don’t come with a surgeon general’s warning, but they probably should. If you spend a lot of time in one or more of these three backside rest stations, it’s time to stand up and get moving. Studies citing the harmful effects of sitting too long are rolling in, with some even linking the habit to heart disease and early death. A new study shows that “over-sitting” may wreak havoc on our health by increasing calcium deposits in the arteries of our heart, which increases the risk of a heart attack. But there’s good news too: Reducing your daily sitting time by an hour or two may have substantial cardiovascular benefits. In fact, a new study shows that an hour of moderate-intensity physical activity a day can

help you can counteract the side effects of sitting for more than eight hours. Sketch out your day and figure out when you can disrupt long stretches of sitting with some physical activity, such as taking a walk with the family after dinner, biking to the coffee shop, or walking a few laps around the office or up and down the stairs during lunch. You can also jump on the anti-sitting bandwagon by scheduling walking meetings or investing in a standing desk.

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