About Us

The Stay Well™ Shop is brought to you by Delos®, the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™ and founder of the WELL Building Standard®.

We live by the philosophy that the time we spend indoors should sustain and improve our wellbeing, not harm it. The products we sell are curated for their efficacy, simplicity, and design to support your health and wellness without complications or clutter. That’s because making wellness accessible is our passion.

Here at the Shop, we carefully evaluate all of our products to bring you a curated collection of best-in-class wellness solutions for your favorite spaces. We carefully vet wellness products so you don’t have to.

Whether it’s removing pollutants from your indoor air or complementing your sleep with the most subtle night light, we consider every possibility for enhancing your well-being at home.

Now, you can shop the best in wellness easily and confidently.