Dr. Roizen’s Top 5 Tips for Better Sleep

Follow Cleveland Clinic's top sleep tips to get your best night's sleep:

Tip #1: get into the sleep mindset

Mentally prepare for sleep. That means clearing your mind, turning off the TV, and putting down those smart phones and tablets at least an hour before you want to fall asleep.

Tip #2: make your bedroom "sleep-ready"

Your bedroom needs to be conducive to sleeping. Turn down the temperature so it's cool and your body registers that it is time for bed. Remove any possibilities for noise and make sure it's truly quiet. Cover any ambient light sources - even the blinking alarm clock light.

Tip #3: clear the air

Turn on an air purifier that will remove bothersome particulates from your bedroom air and allow you to breathe more easily. The best are High Efficiency Particulate air filters (HEPA).

Tip #4: mind your bed

Replace that traditional spring mattress with a natural, firm, memory foam version that best supports your body and cradles your curves. Use linens that fight odor causing bacteria and a natural memory foam pillow that supports your sleep position.

Tip #5: ease into the day

Gently awaken by slowly exposing your body to natural light after a night of restorative sleep. This prevents an abrupt wake-up that can spike cortisone levels in your body. You can use an alarm clock that simulates dawn and eases you out of sleep mode. By following these easy tips, you can have quality sleep every day!