Bed Light 2x by

Bed Light 2x by

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Redefining Classic

While traditional in shape, The Classic Pillow is made entirely of  high-density, natural memory foam, offering outstanding pressure relief. The Classic Pillow is not too soft, nor too firm. It provides moderately firm plushness that gently cradles your head and neck.


bed light only reacts in darkness and automatically turns off by using a timer controlled, motion activated sensor. You decide for how long the light is needed by easily setting the timer. The sensor timer is pre-set to 30 seconds and ready for installation. If you wish to have the light remain “on” longer, the timer can be adjusted up to 10 minutes. You can also set the intensity of the light by adjusting the dimmer to your desired amount of light.



bed light illuminates the floor to help guide you through the room without fumbling through darkness or disrupting your sleep cycle. The warm, indirect light can help prevent you from disturbing your sleeping partner. The light can also help parents sleep soundly, knowing that when their child gets up at night, the room will be automatically lit, to provide safe passage to the door.


We've got you covered



The light strips are designed with self adhesive tape for easy mounting. Installation requires no drills, screws or any other additional tools. The sensor easily affixes to your wall or nightstand.

  • Motion & Light Sensor: Turns on when motion is detected and minimal light is present
  • Warm Soft Light: Helps prevent sleep disturbances when getting out of bed during the night
  • Energy Efficient: 30 year life span based on 1 hour usage per day
  • Easy Installation: 3M self adhesive strips are easily attached underneath


What's in the box


  • UL Certified
  • Output of 190 lumen / strip
  • 45 LED / 5ft strip
  • 5 Watt energy consumption per LED set (2)
  • Equivalent Incandescent consumption 25W
  • Input 110VAC; 50-60Hz; Output 12VDC
  • 2 x Motion Sensor
  • 2 x 59.1in LED
  • Power supply
  • Y-splitter
  • 2 x End caps
  • 2 x Cable clips


Did you know?


Warm soft light helps prevent sleep disturbance when getting out of bed during the night.